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In honor of Valentine's Day I wanted to do something special for the TC fans and share some Piña love. For this giveaway I am giving away THREE (3) Yes, I like Piña Coladas mini pineapple necklaces! That means three winners, and three times the love!

Entering is easy, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post (not the Origin Story: My Fair Coral Cuff post) and tell me why you'd like to win. And that's it!

The deadline for entering is Wednesday, February 12th, 2014. The three winners will be announced on the blog on Friday, February 14th, 2014.

Good luck, and thank you for entering! 


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February 04, 2014 by Tiffany Chou
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Jenn said:

What a lovely giveaway. I would loooove to win one of your beautiful necklaces. You capture the beauty of Hawaii so stylishly. Love all of your work. Thanks for working from your heart.


Kristen said:

Love this piece!!! Obsessed! I think jewelry is more than just decoration. I think jewelry tells a story and reminds me of the different places I’ve gone. Owning this necklace would remind of all of my small kid days growing up in Hawaii! Pick me :)

Kate Insley

Kate Insley said:

Love these necklaces, well okay, really love all of your stuff, Tiff! I would like to win this necklace because it’s the perfect necklace for a mommy of two living on Maui :)


Jordan said:

What a wonderful giveaway! Such gorgeous little pineapples! I would love to win this giveaway not only because I love your work but also because I grew up right next to a pineapple field in hali’imaile. A pineapple necklace would be a lovely reminder of home. Thank you TC and keep up the beautiful work

gina nozoe martin

gina nozoe martin said:

aloha… luv your beach jewels..
my husband of 23 yrs passed away in dec.2013.. he collapsed after surfing.. enlarged heart failure.. my kids and i are still in shock.. super athlete and loved skateboarding an surfing.. he was know as the dude of Kailua kona.. which leaves, myself, gina, my son Paul, conservationist at Pohakuloa Military Area and Summer 18, a photographer and UH hilo student.your sweet ,3 pineapples reminds me of us 3.. we are blessed to have shared his passionate Life of surfing, swimming, and nature on the Big Isles.. chk us out on facebook.. xoxo aloha G


Julie said:

I would like to win so that I could give this necklace to my mom. Her love for pineapples began when I lived in North Carolina. While visiting, we noticed that often times “Welcome” signs had pineapples, so we were curious as to why this is the case. We learned that when a ship would come home from being at sea, the wife would hang a pineapple on the porch. It signified that the shipman was home, safe, and visitors were welcome. Then, I moved to Hawaii. Even though I no longer live in Hawaii, my mom has been trying to get my dad to move to the islands. Hawaii is absolutely, hands down, my mom’s favorite place and I would love to give her a little piece of it that she could wear every day to feel just a little bit closer.


Mylie said:

I would like to win, because I love everything Tiffany Chou! :)

Renee Beitler

Renee Beitler said:

This reminds me of something I wore as a child. Wearing it today would bring back those care free, adventurous memories of growing up on Maui. Life was so simple then. If I win, the mini pineapple necklace it will inspire me to be just as adventurous, care free and simple in my every day adult life. I’d like to look at the necklace when I’m stressed or overwhelmed and remember my amazing childhood building sand castles, crab hunting, buggy boarding, crashing in the waves, laughing hysterically and having fun. It will bring a smile to my face every day and remind me how lucky I am to live in Hawaii.


Lauren said:

Oops, for some reason my original comment via my phone went to your previous blog post.

I would love to win this necklace because 1) I love the simplicity and beauty of your jewelry that captures the essence of Hawaiʻi, 2) This year I’ll be turning 24 on 2/14/14 (i just think the numbers are cool on that one!) and 3) This would make a beautiful sweet gift for me to give to my cousin whose birthday is 6 days after mine.

Mahalo for holding a fun giveaway!


Laurie said:

I’d love to win one of these gorgeous pina necklaces because I’m a Hawaii girl obsessed with the Pineapple craze! This is such an elegant way to incorporate pineapples into my outfits/wardrobe! =)


Madison said:

I want to give a pineapple necklace to my mom because last time we were in Hawaii she told me she wanted a pineapple pendant because pineapples are good luck. My mom is my favorite valentine, and she deserves something special this year.


Katie said:

Your jewelry is gorgeous! A pineapple reminds me of my first Missions trip. Last summer my church firends and I went to Boracay Island, Phil. As we returned home I got to experience Hawaii for the very first time. It was so great to get back to the States, and Hawaii had such beautiful surroundings to end my most memorable trip ever.

Carolynn C.

Carolynn C. said:

I would love to have this necklace because … I love all of your designs! Each piece is so delicate, yet so effortlessly chic. In addition, this necklace can be dressed up OR down, which makes this item a must have for pineapple-lovers like me.

PS: I can’t wait to see your #TCSWIM2014 collection!


Savannah said:

This is such a gorgeous piece of jewelry! I’ve fallen for your ocean-themed pieces of art, and right now I’m sorely missing the seaside and everything fruity. There’s just something about winter that leaves me neglecting my pineapples and other natural sweets! Plus this would always remind me of the Pina Colada song, which makes me think of my boyfriend (which will be 1 year on February 16th!) – since we met through the classifieds in London… where we must “like going out in the rain.” ;)


Tiffany said:

I need some Tiffany Chou Pineapple <3!! Down here in Texas it’s been gosh awful weather this winter…we aren’t supposed to be cold, but have gotten to 18 degrees! I’m booking a flight to FL tomorrow and the necklace would be the cherry on top of my pina colada when when I vacation in June!


sonia said:

Pineapples always remind me of my uncle who took me to my first pineapple field on Oahu when I was just a child. I remember eating the fresh fruit and being amazed that it didn’t taste anything like canned pineapples. Now that I live in Seattle, I would love to win one of these necklaces to wear and remind me of how lucky I was to grow up in Hawaii.


Heather said:

What an AMAZING gift this would be for the birthday my BFF, Cassie and I share! (Which is today 2/4 & tomorrow 2/5)! We’d proudly sport the aloha in your pineapples for our big 3 0 !!!! :)


Maya said:

I would love to win and wear this beautiful necklace! It would remind me of home (O’ahu) the place that’s closest to my heart.


Heather said:

My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii. I looked and looked for something special to bring home as a keepsake. When we were in Kauai I found my favorite store, Sand People. I was so excited to finally find a place that had such awesome stuff. When I looked online at the stores you sell in I was so excited to see Sand People… And also sad because back then, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any of your jewelry even though I loved it! This would be a memorable keep sake to remind me of my beautiful honeymoon with the love of my life. Love your jewelry!

Amy Mole

Amy Mole said:

wow! These tiny piñas are so cute! Would love to win mainly cause I am in love with your jewellery and would totally make my 16th birthday amazing! Never win anything but my finger are definately crossed!

Amy x


Sam said:

I wanted to pick one of these up for my lady but it said they may not ship in time. She is a Maui girl and we now live in Oregon and she misses the sun & beach every day. she specifically pointed this design out to me as a gift idea, so I know it how much it will brighten her day! The only other thing that could get her to smile like that would be eating some ono grinds on the beach!

Natalie P.

Natalie P. said:

I’ve loved your designs for years now! I rock my bracelets and bangles pretty much weekly and would love a little something extra to bring to the French Riviera next month! After having a bad accident in Hawaii last year and having to move back to the mainland for medical treatment, I’m missing the islands and your jewelry always picks my spirits up. So here’s to 2014 and more TC jewelry!!


Lauren said:

I absolutely love the newest heart + pineapple collection. Being a Maui girl I am a big fan of the pineapple symbol and it’s meaning of hospitality. Honestly I love all of your pieces and would just like to add to my ever growing collection!
Mucho Mahalo and Aloha and happy hearts day Tiffany!

Molly Kainuma

Molly Kainuma said:

I will never forget the first time my husband brought me with him to Hawaii to meet is friends and family. As a midwest girl from a small farm town, I had no idea what to expect…the first time I stepped off the plain and the sweet Hawaiian air filled my lungs, I was forever hooked to this magical island. Our home is in Denver, but each year we look forward to our visit and making more memories. These tiny pineapples remind me of the pineapple soft serve ice cream we shared at the Dole Plantation and will go perfectly with my TC Oahu necklace that hangs close to my heart every day:) Aloha!


Sara said:

Oh my gosh – I would so love to win these. I have two photographers from Germany coming for a wedding inspiration shoot and not only would love for the bride to rock one of these – but would love to gift two of them and spread the aloha! Thank you for such a fab opportunity. xx


Nicole said:

Tiff, your work is beautiful, just like you. Would love to sport your pretty little piña jewel simply because winning is awesome – and it’s yours!!


Lauren said:

Hi! I have been in love with your jewelry line ever since I saw your crab and coral bracelets showcased at the Butik! This pineapple necklace reminds me of my new years resolution – to be healthier in the form of good nutrition and exercise. I signed up for my first marathon this year (the Honolulu Marathon in Dec) and have started a training regiment with long endurance runs and rewarding myself with satisfying fruit smoothies made with pineapples! I would love to cross the finish line wearing this necklace and always have it as a reminder of how I can achieve anything if I set my mind to it!

Liz Goss

Liz Goss said:

Aloha! Id love to rock this little beauty in the 808 state! I love your jewelry and pineapples <3 who wouldn’t want a tiny pineapple with wings :)


Charina said:

There are the obvious reasons why I’d love this piece: I’m from Maui, pineapples are my fav earned I love your pieces.

And then there’s what a pineapple symbolizes for me. It’s not so much beautiful but exotic and unique. And it’s challenging to peel, almost intimidating. But inside, it’s just golden, sweet and delicious. The Maui gold kind at least :-)

Congrats on the new collection. It’s gorgeous!


Kimmie said:

Beautiful necklace! I’d love to win. My husband and I met in Hawaii, got engaged there, and spent several weeks there when he returned from deployment this past year. The pineapple necklace will remind me of all the happy memories I have of Hawaii.


Adriana said:

Around the age of 16 I became interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree at the University of Hawaii. Being from the mainland, this was a huge controversial discussion between my family and I. 3 years later I sought the opportunity to follow my dream regardless of the opposition from friends and family. Never having lived anywhere but California, I was accepted into UH and began my life on Oahu late 2012. It has been a dream living here; each day I am reminded how blessed I am to be so privileged to do the things I love on almost a daily basis. For me, the pineapple not only resembles a sweet treat, but also the hardships that the generations before ours faced when working in the plantations. For me, it also represents the beautiful diverse society in which we live as a result of that. A cute pineapple necklace would be a constant reminder to follow dreams, make the best of what you have, and a genuine appreciation for the diverse population in which we are so lucky to live in.

Makena O.

Makena O. said:

I just moved to California from Hawaii and have been really homesick for the beach and the fresh fruit….and then I saw THIS. I instantly fell in love with it, and I knew I had to have it. I’d love to be able to wear this as a little reminder of home <3
Mahalo Nui,


Kaitlin said:

Why I’d like to win … Because there is an amazing feeling that comes along with winning something. Like the stars aligned and the universe is saying, see, I got your back. In all honesty it’s been a yucky week (it’s only Tuesday, so there is room for improvement). I like your designs as well, to that is also a plus. My nickname since I was a baby has been coconut, so what better way to celebrate all things tropical and beachy in the middle of winter than to sport a golden + glowey pineapple. If anything, I thought I would just roll the dice and see where they land. Also, when will your bathing suits be available? I’m in love with a one piece white number I saw a few months back! Happy Tuesday to you and thanks for reading! – Kaitlin


Toni said:

I have been following you on Instagram for a while now and love this blog and also ALL of your designs! I would love to win this necklace because it would be the perfect piece to ring in spring with!! I am from Louisiana and would love to show off your jewelry here and tell everyone about it too!! This necklace makes me so excited for some sand, sun, and ice cold drinks only warmer weather can bring!


Whitney said:

Too cute! I would love to win them. They would go great with our family portrait in haleiwa! Xoxo


William said:

I would love to win it for my wife. She would look beautiful in it.


Alyssa said:

I would love to win one of these necklaces. I am original from Hawaii and am so homesick. I am going back in May after 2 years so I am super excited. Would love to keep a Hawaii reminder close to my heart.


Misty said:

I’ve adored this lovely little necklace since I first saw it on your site! As a Hawaii girl living in LA, I miss my real home every single day, and I love to surround myself with things that remind me of the beauty of Hawaii and my family there (and also the amazing food…). This necklace is a perfect and chic way to carry around a little piece of home and remind myself of where I’m from and who I am when the hustle and bustle of LA living gets to me. It would also be a great companion to my Oahu bangle :)


Michele said:

Wearing the bracelet you made as a junior in high school- each time I look at it I think of the focus that you had, even as a teen, on what you wanted- so proud of the success and that people are catching on to what your Seabury Ohana has known for years- what a talented lady you are!! Every time I wear your piece to school I tell the kids that here you are not only encouraged but inspired to follow your passion!

Amy Wilson

Amy Wilson said:

Hi Tiffany,

I grew up on O’ahu and have been back a few times since. I would love to win so I can stay reminded of the warmth of the islands…both in temperature (its 12 degrees here in Atlanta-yuk), the friendship and hospitality (which pineapple is the symbol of) and the memories. Oh and reminds me of the first place I go every time I visit-the Dole plantation for a Dole Whip! nom nom nom

Aloha, Amy


Krystin said:

I love this necklace and I am a huge fan of your jewelry! I would love to win this necklace because I work for the Broadway show Cabaret, which features a song about a pineapple! An older man brings an older woman a pineapple as a gift to show his love for her.

“If you brought me diamonds, If you brought me pearls, If you brought me roses Like some other gents Might bring to other girls, It couldn’t please me more Than the gift I see; A pineapple for me.”

I’d love to win this necklace so I could wear it on opening night! Thanks!


Hadley said:

These adorable necklaces look just like the little piñas growing in my yard (a perk of being in Florida)! What girl doesn’t want to match her garden?

Cary Wilson

Cary Wilson said:

Love your work. You are so very talented. Would be honored to own a piece of your work. :


Anna said:

Aloha! My 30th Birthday is this Saturday and I spent the majority of the last decade living on Maui so I have followed your designs for years and continue purchasing pieces because they are a little piece of paradise that I carry with me even though I moved off the islands. I receive many compliments on your pieces so I am always referring people to your site!


Diana said:

My reason is short and simple. You have the best jewelery out there!

I’ve never been an advid jewelry wearer until I seen the beauty and simplicity in your pieces. I absolutely adore them! I need them in my life to top every outfit I wear everyday!


Kim said:

I have been a huge fan of all of your work for a long time, and absolutely love how unique each of your pieces are! I’m a Maui girl at heart who’s pursuing her psychology doctoral dreams in California. I miss home every single day, and this necklace reminds me about all the blissful parts of home. The land, the sun, the sweetness, and everything that is aloha. Wearing it would serve as another beautiful reminder of my roots! Not to mention representing an incredible line of jewelry. Here’s to 2014 and a Valentines day full of the best thing, love!


Terry said:

Every time I look at the pineapple necklace, it brings back memories of my first visit to the beautiful island of Maui. I was going through a rough patch in life and the visit was a great chance for me to rediscover myself. I felt the island had taught me something that I could not have learned at home. To be in a place surrounded by such great beauty and spirit helped me through a difficult time. I returned home from my visit to Maui with a refreshed and renewed outlook in my life. The pineapple for me has become a symbol of that courage to overcome my own personal obstacles. It would so wonderful to have a little piece of Hawaii with me everyday to remind myself of that resilient time.


Surfergirlhawaii said:

Dear TC, I would be sincerely overjoyed if I were to win this cute pineapple necklace because I have been a fan of your jewellery designs since day one.
To me, pineapples represent sunshine & fun in the tropics.
The pineapple reminds me of the island life that I adore.
This gold pineapple will be a symbol of my love for Hawaii.


Lea said:

Aloha Tiffany!

I have been a fan of your jewelry or years, and would be so happy to wear your Piña necklace! As a fellow keiki of Maui, and Seabury Alumni, I remember hearing about your success in New York, and was one of my early inspirations to move to a city. I currently live in San Francisco and your jewelry reminds me of everything I love and miss about Maui style; simple, natural, and beautiful.

The Piña necklace would bring me back to the muddy rainy days in Haiku, where friends and family would run around eating the ripe pineapples, while representing that unique 808 style!

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou in 2014!

Paul Meyer

Paul Meyer said:

After 25 years in the Maui Pineapple business there is nothing better for my Valentine spouse of 29 years than a remembrance of sweet Maui pineapple.
Thanks Tiff for creating such a classic and beautiful object. You’re the best!

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