Origin Story: My Fair Coral Cuff


The My Fair Coral Cuff has been around since the very first TC collection, back in 2010, and has since turned into a signature piece. So, I thought it was about time for everyone to know its origin story!

For my senior project at SAIC I hand made and designed a collection of swimwear. One of the pieces was a coral themed top and skirted bottom (1.) which featured an embroidered piece of fan coral (took me around 12 hours!!!).

Two years later, when trying to come up with ideas for my first jewelry collection, I ended up returning to that skirt. I took a picture of the embroidery and put it into photoshop (2.) where I played with the image until it was a workable design for my model maker.

After a flat metal model version of the coral was made, it was then shaped and used to make a mold. Pour in some liquid hot metal and out pops a fan coral cuff! (3.) From a bikini detail, to a computer image, the MFC cuff has had quite the journey 


Photo: Quincy Dein | Model: Leah Reeves

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  • TC, I would be sincerely overjoyed if I were to win this cute pineapple necklace because I have been a fan of your jewellery designs since day one.
    To me, pineapples represent sunshine & fun in the tropics. The pineapple reminds me of the island life that I adore. This gold pineapple will be a symbol of my love for Hawaii.

    • Surfergirlhawaii
  • I absolutely love pineapples! My great grandfather was a immigrant from china and made his way to Hawaii! He worked long days picking pineapples in the fields to support the family! Pineapples have become a symbolic thing in our family for the meaning of freedom! I would love this necklace to remind me of that very thing every day! Freedom!

    • Rachel anderson
  • I’ve adored this lovely little necklace since I first saw it on your site! As a Hawaii girl living in LA, I miss my real home every single day, and I love to surround myself with things that remind me of the beauty of Hawaii and my family there (and also the amazing food…). This necklace is a perfect and chic way to carry around a little piece of home and remind myself of where I’m from and who I am when the hustle and bustle of LA living gets to me. It would also be a great companion to my Oahu bangle :)

    • nomsnotbombs
  • This necklace is the sweetest little thing. I own your gold shark tooth necklace and adore if more and more each day. I think this necklace would be a really cute match for my shark tooth necklace I was given for Christmas. This would be an awesome gift for valentines day to gift my mom, my best friend, and as well as myself because valentines day is actually my birthday too!
    Thank you Tiffany, for a cool opportunity!

    • Olivia
  • I would love to win this necklace because 1) I love the simplicity and beauty of your jewelry that captures the essence of Hawaiʻi, 2) This year I’ll be turning 24 on 2/14/14 (i just think the numbers are cool on that one!) and 3) This would make a beautiful sweet gift for me to give to my cousin whose birthday is 6 days after mine.

    Mahalo for holding a fun giveaway!

    • Lauren Esaki