About Tiffany



An island girl for life, Tiffany Chou moved from one island to another to pursue her fashion and jewelry career. Growing up on the island of Maui and moving to Manhattan, Tiffany has yet to let go of her Hawaiian roots. 

Since the age of 14, Tiffany has been making her own clothing and jewelry. After graduating from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and interning in Hollywood with renowned photographer, David LaChapelle, Tiffany moved to the Big Apple. During her first years in the city, she learned from design teams partnered with Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, and also hand embroidered samples for Ralph Lauren. 

Tiffany's versatile aesthetic is apparent with her signature sea-inspired styles and fine jewelry line reflecting her personal touch. Continuously inspired by her journey and those she treasures most, the brand is always evolving with each new idea and design.

The Tiffany Chou jewelry line, launched in August 2010, has received a tremendous response from top fashion editors and stylists. Tiffany's work has been featured in Vogue.comCosmopolitan, Lucky, The Maui News, “American Idol” and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition among many others.

Everything from Tiffany Chou is hand made in New York City where every aspect of the jewelry and garment making process can be overseen, insuring fair pay, treatment and quality pieces. All materials are cruelty-free, all charms are solid metal and you will never see the use of leather or skins.