New York City Triathlon


It was a rainy Sunday morning on August 3rd when 4,000 athletes
of all ages and walks of life came together for the New York City Triathlon.


This blog post is quite a bit different than the usual TC articles,
but I wanted to share a special moment from my personal life with all of you.


I've been training almost seven days a week for the past four months to
participate in my first ever major race and it all came to be because of Achilles,
an organization I volunteer for that helps people with all types of disabilities
train and compete in mainstream athletics. Watching all of the incredible
Achilles athletes compete in every single race possible inspired me to sign up.


Below are a few photos leading up to the big day:


Triathlon gear!
Pre-tri celebratory Korean dinner. Go big or go home right?
Bike rack city.
And it begins!
On the West Side Highway, almost at the end of the bike leg.
View from above.
On 72nd St, last leg!
Done! And trying to fit as much free grub into my hands as possible.

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  • Mabel TOV Congratulations.
    Tiffany, you’re a winner!!

    • Rosalind
  • You’re an inspiration in so many ways Tiffany! Congratulations on your first Tri-athlon.

    • Krystle
  • Congrats, Tiff!!! That’s awesome.

    • Nick Heyd