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Giveaway Entries

Congratulations to KRISTIN for winning our one year anniversary giveaway!

Thank you to Jenna, Erin, Olena, Renee and Carly for submitting incredible photos, and to all the friends and family who participated in this giveaway!


Kristin: "I love my coral cuff! It reminds me of Maui & golden sunsets at my favorite beach Launiupoko."

Erin Dolin: "Here is a photo of me and my husband in beautiful Rock Creek, Montana. I am wearing the Maui Love necklace."

Olena Horcajo: "Just Take A Bite necklace around Sweetheart Rock, Lanai"

Renee Beitler: "Wearing Cowrie O Cowrie, OMU and Hello, name's Bruce on the road to Kaupo, Maui."

Carly Hess: "A bit of NYC on the lake in Sandpoint ID! Wearing My Fair Coral cuff and Forest Of Coral earrings."


  • Posted by Barbara Alec on

    I love Olena’s Lanai shot of sweetheart rock. Even more special because I believe her sweetheart may have taken the picture.

  • Posted by John on

    Renee I don’t how you do it! How did you pull that off! Simply stunning!

  • Posted by Cassie Spence on

    Renee, what a beautiful picture!!! You’re wearing all my favorite TChou pieces! The shark teeth are awesome! And Tiff, see you in a month!!!!! Woot Woot

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