Oahu <3

Shout-out to our O’ahu girls! Show your *Oahu Love* in our signature tank; perfect for the North Shore beaches, Hawaii Loa Ridge hike, or relaxing in the shade of a plumeria tree. Show your O’ahu pride with either our silver or gold plated jewelry, as a subtle and unique touch. Also for our mainland girls with *island roots* -- you can take the girl out of Hawaii, but you cant take Hawaii out of the girl … Keep your island love close to your heart. Hope you’re having a good week! x TC

(As seen above: O’ahu Love Tank, O’ahu Love Necklace/Gold, O’ahu Love Bracelet/Silver, O’ahu Love Bracelet/Gold, Oahu Necklace/Silver)

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  • What about Hawaii <3 ? Or Big Island? I would love to purchase some of these items that do a shout out to the girls on the island of Hawaii.

    • Michele