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A Day In The BK

Just returned from Brooklyn where I was screen printing some adorable muslin bags. A similar version of these baggies used to accompany online purchases but I had recently run out. As this is one of my favorite parts of the packaging for my jewelry, I was glad to finally find some time to get printing.


  • Posted by Jo Anne King on

    I ran into your father at Whole Foods a while ago and during the course of our conversation realized the connection. I exclaimed: “I have the maui necklace, I love it. I looked for years for the perfect necklace that clearly said hawaii and when I found it I knew immediately, and bought it in silver”. Others have asked and I send them to your website or Alice in Hula Land in Paia. Recently, while boarding a Hawaiian Air flight to CA the flight attendent exclaimed over it, too! Your designs are so timeless and classic; the things that reach into people’s souls and speak from that long ago place and time. Love them!

  • Posted by Kathleen Ireland on

    WHAT?! You were in BK and didn’t stop in to say hi? Oh… I am totally bummed out. Hey – Greg is coming to Brooklyn Dec 25 to 27. You should definitely get together.

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