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Giveaway Winners

Just because it's Valentines Day, I've decided to give away a bonus necklace! So congrats and high fives to Courtney, William, Natalie and Maya for winning the ♥+Piñas Giveaway! You four will be contacted via the email addresses you provided upon entering.

THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to enter, I enjoyed reading each and every heartfelt comment. Thank you for sharing what a pineapple means to you, something so seemingly simple inspired incredible personal stories that I was honored to read.

I will be throwing many more giveaways this year (including a prize pack with the launch of TC SWIM!), so stay tuned!

Sending you all love 


  • Posted by Brooke Bonaro on

    Hey! Do you accept ideas? I have just one that I think would go great with your jewelry line.. (:

  • Posted by Courtney on

    I am beyond excited to have won!!! Thank you so, so much!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m totally feeling the love!!! Xoxo!

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