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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2014

That day has finally arrived, the unveiling of the newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! For me that day was spent running around the city looking for a copy while mentally having my fingers crossed that some TC might be sprinkled in the issue somewhere. Trying not to look like a perv at the store, I scanned each page looking for TIFFANY CHOU in bold, and there on pages 87 and 98, was my sigh of relief. My skinny rings gracing the finger of this year's cover girl, Chrissy Teigen.

I realize that accessories may be the last thing viewers look at, I mean, look at those lovely ladies! (I got to meet 2014 SI Rookies Valerie van der Graaf and Marloes Horst, and I am still in shock that people can actually look that gorgeous in real life.) But I am still proud and so very thankful to be in some way part of the legendary issue, always remembering that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2011 helped launch the TC brand and will be forever grateful.

So cheers to babes in bikinis and TC jewels!


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